GGM Ernesto A. Presas Legacy Gathering 2017

June 2017, Kapatiran Mandirigma will be hosting the largest Gathering of Kombatan Instructor's, Master's and Grandmaster's in the United States and will be held in Colorado. The event is to honor the legacy of GGM Ernesto A. Presas and the art he had left to his students.
If you are interested in teaching at this event and want to honor the impact GGM Ernesto Presas had on your training, message Jhun Occidental.

More info to be announced shortly.

Confirmed Featured Instructors -
Grandmaster Alex France Sr. - Nevada (Kombatan, Bais Tres Manos, Villasin Balintawak)
Grandmaster Alex Ercia - San Francisco (Kombatan, Kalis Ilustrisimo, Villasin Balintawak)
Senior Master Kurt Graham - New Zealand (Kombatan...)
Grandmaster Allan Sarco Fami - Manila (Kombatan, Kalahi Martial Arts)
Master Oliver Garduce - Toronto (Kombatan, Waray Waray Garote Escrima)
Grandmaster Shelley Millspaugh - Colorado (Kombatan)
Senior Master Vincent Pernice - Kansas (Kombatan)

Guest Instructors -
Master Rino Balinado - Tacoma (Mongcal Balintawak)
Datu Tim Hartman - New York (Modern Arnis, Kombatan)
Grandmaster Rick Manglinong - Nevada (Modern Arnis, Kombatan)
Grandmaster Steve Todd - Colorado (Kombatan)
Grandmaster Jeff Sprawls - Missouri (Kombatan)
Master Kendal Coats - Oklahoma (Kombatan)
Master Damon Abraham - Colorado (Kombatan)
Master Jhun R. Occidental - NoVA/DC (Kombatan)
Master Dan Lowman - Florida (Kombatan)

More instructors to be announced soon.

Kapatiran Mandirigma presents the GGM Ernesto A. Presas Legacy Gathering
June  10th 2017 Denver Colorado

Kalis Ilustisimo Seminar January 16th, 2016

KM of Florida had our 1st Annual Southeast FMA Gathering
The purpose of this event is to support the Filipino Martial Arts. We have put together a list of some truly incredible teachers and all experience levels are welcome.  We trained, we ate Filipino food, and we laughed. 

Videos can be found on our facebook page at

Instructors for this event :
Grandmaster Chad Bailey of Progressive Arnis
Guro Paul Rosales Heyrosa De Cuerdas
Guro Cody Chilson of FCS Kali
Guro Jesse Speedy of Balintawak Arnis
Guro Bill Soyars of Cabales Serrada Escrima
Master Dan Lowman of Kombatan/Modern Arnis

Kalis Ilustrisimo Seminar with Guro Alex Ercia.

KM of Florida is proud to once again have Guro Alex Ercia visit us to teach us the beautitul art of Kalis Ilustrisimo.  Alex Ercia has learned from both the founder of the system Antonio "tatang" Ilustrisimo and Mang Tony Diego.   KI is a bladed are that focuses on the sword and knife.  It is a wonderful art to you how to deal with a bladed weapon.  The seminar will be at our Fort Myers location on November 12th.  Price is just $65.  contact Guro Dan at 913-608-1515 for more info. 

May 21st Southeast FMA Gathering

Past Events

January 16th We invited Kuya Alex Ercia to teach Kalis Ilustrisimo at our location in Fort Myers.  We had people attend from DC/VA, Orlando and Miami Areas.  KI is a beautiful art based on the sword.    It was a blast!!

Pencak Silat  seminar with Guru Daniel Prasetya.

We have a great opportunity to train with one of the best Pencak Silat teachers in the US.  Guru Daniel will bring his incredible deep knowledge of the martial arts and share it with us.  It is a unique opportunity to train with one of the best.   The seminar will be January 18th and cost $80.  For more info please contact Guro Dan at 913-608-1515.