Guro/Guru means teacher and that is what Dan Lowman prefers  to be called.   Guro Dan has been practicing the martial arts for 30 years.  Although he holds ranks in many systems his true love are the arts of the Phiippines and Indonesia.  These arts include the use of multiple weapons  such as knife, sword, single and double stick, along with empty hands.  These arts offer the best tools for the beginner and advanced student to learn defend themselves quickly and efficiently.

Ranks Held by Guro Dan

Modern Arnis / Kombatan (MAK) - Master
Kombatan Arnis- Lakan Isa (1st Degree)
Maju Bela Diri Pencak Silat - (3rd Degree)
Kapatiran Mandirigma Arnis Basics- Instructor

5-way Method- Shodan (1st Degree)

Tracy Kenpo Karate- Shodan (1st Degree)

Taekwondo-Shodan (1st Degree)

Kapatiran-Mandirigma of Florida 

Master Dan Lowman