Master Lowman, I just wanted to say thank you for all you do and spreading your knowledge in Florida. For those who are in the area, do not hesitate to try his class. He is humble and with wealth of knowledge. I can not wait to meet the new crew and call you guys my martial brothers and sisters
– Master Jhun Occidental

PSA to Floridians: Master Dan Lowman is a tremendous student of the arts who happens to teach. His enthusiasm about what he teaches can only be matched by the skill he continues to perfect. Master Dan's humor is second to none. Please do not be misguided, his methods and principles are effective

- Tom Saysithideth -Blackbelt

Master Dan became a part of my son's life 4 years ago. He was hesitant taking on such a young student of 8, but saw something in my son worth developing. This May my son received his Expert Level 1, Black Belt. He has grown so much during this time, not only his physical skills but his maturity, confidence and strength as a young man. Learning KM and working with Master Dan is a huge part of his growth. I would recommend KM and Master Dan to anyone.

-Michelle Kice  -Parent

We are the Florida chapter of Kapatiran-Mandirigma, which translated means "Brotherhood of Warriors".

We are headed by Master Dan Lowman who has recently moved to the Fort Myers area. 

We teach several Filipino and Indonesian martial arts in a small group or private setting.

What is Arnis, Kali and Escrima?

The native arts of the Philippines go by many names including Arnis, Kali, Escrima/eskrima, and the generic term of FMA. (Filipino martial arts) 

We teach multiple FMA arts.  The main art we teach  is Modern Arnis-Kombatan founded by Ernesto A Presas.  It is primarily a Stick and knife art  with aspects of the sword and empty hand applications.  

We also teach the art of Kalis Ilustrisimo founded by Antonio "Tatang" Ilustrisimo, under the direction of Coach Arnold Narzo from the Philippines.   This is mainly a bladed art that helps to emphasis range as well as attack and defense from various bladed weapons. 

Both these arts will teach you the various aspects of defending against all kinds of various attacks from empty hand to blunt and bladed weapons.   

What is Silat?

Silat is a Generic term for the native arts of Indonesia and the surrounding areas.  The Styles we focus on are mainly the flavors of Pencak and Kuntao Silat which focuses on the application of concepts and principles of the knife and empty hand.   The best way to describe silat is the art of problem solving. 

Why train with us?

We  teach real and effective self-defense.  We believe that any self defense situation is very dynamic.  It will never happen the way you planned.   Because of this we teach based on a small number of concepts that when applied will allow you to be as dynamic and free flowing as the situation you find yourself in.   Memorization of techniques are useless.  It is the understanding of the concept behind the technique and the proper application that is important.   

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Kapatiran-Mandirigma of Florida